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Conflict, Aggression, War and Peace



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War and Peace



Aggression, Conflict, War and Peace...


Views on Warmongering - and peace making too.



Here is a series of eight videos from TED called "The road to peace", ranging from teaching concepts in the classroom, rebuilding broken Nations, and world peace.


The first video below called "Genocide: Worse Than War" from PBS in the USA claims that genocide has taken more lives in the 20th Century than war.

The film is an interesting and unprecedented journey of insight and analysis. Highly cinematic and evocative throughout, Goldhagen speaks with many people caught up in conflicts, with the purpose of explaining and understanding the critical features of genocide and how to end it:

YouTube - Genocide: Worse Than War, a full-length documentary from PBS



This is a long documentary by Falling Dominoes Productions of approximately 2 hours 40 minutes. It is a comprehensive documentary outlining various views on warmongering. However, the main purpose of the video is to encourage peace. Does contain some strong language in places. Some views expressed are not my own, but makes food for thought:

Vimeo - War On Our World - Falling Dominoes Productions


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