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This section has links to other websites, articles, and other info you might find interesting. None are in any particular order.



The Royal Society For The Arts (RSA) is an organization devoted to finding solutions in our socially challenging times to make our world a better place. They run a series of projects, have many interesting videos on YouTube and elsewhere, and release a series of publications.

The Institute For Cultural Research spreads ideas and information on creating understanding between cultures. They also currently hold lectures and seminars on a variety of aspects related to understanding culture in myriads of ways.

TED is a non-profit whose mission is to spread ideas that promote thought and hence change in our world. They have a wide range of videos and talks on various topics.

The Institute for HeartMath carries out research on the heart-brain connection, and in particular how the heart influences our mind. They also offer materials to help control stress and other modern day features of life.

The Society For Scientific Exploration is dedicated to studying unusual and unexplained phenomena. Their EdgeScience magazine is a hugely interesting magazine that explores issues encompassing the Global Mind, Coincidence Studies, Reincarnation, the Tunguska Event and much more. They also have a large series of talks on video.

The Institute For The Study of Human Knowledge is an organization that focuses on what it is to be human - our very human nature. They have many interesting topics on their site as well as many published works.

The Human Givens Foundation is an organization founded on new psychological insights that offers resources and materials of value to those interested in psychotherapy, education, social work, primary care, and all those interested in a fresh viewpoint into the human condition. They also offer the Human Givens Journal.

Uncommon Knowledge offers courses, articles, CDs, DVDs, and downloads for activating your own potential.

If you are interested in how the electromagnetic spectrum can affect our health and thoughts, or how EMF's can be used to program the mind, there are two websites here that can be downloaded in .zip form. Both sites are no longer in existence but contain much useful information. Click on the link to download, save the file, then unzip the files wherever you want, finally double click on the file called index or index.html, and browse them just as if they were on the internet.

The third link is to a research paper by Dr Neil Cherry who shows that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic. It is in pdf form:


If you have an article, video or image to contribute to this section, please get in contact. Remember, we are non-religious, nonpartisan and support no-one, except those who aim to bring truth to everyone, so we can't accept anything with a bias. Real life examples are most welcome.

We also we need information backed up by science. You don't have to do the science yourself, so long as what you say has links to research, or sites that contain the proof we need. Sometimes science cannot comment on, explain or quantify the topic you have information for. We need that type of article, video etc too.

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