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Love is...


This section is about love in its many manifestations.



The first video contains an important message from Ervin László about where we as the human race are heading. The next video with Ronny Edry from Israel shows that ordinary people can make a difference. The following two videos aim to define love in a more light-hearted way. The fifth is a Buddhist view of love, while the sixth deals with the psychology of love.



The first video here by Ervin László is important to us because he stresses the nature of our interconnectedness. In under twenty minutes he states quite clearly where the human race is heading. He sees that we are at a tipping point in our evolution, and he outlines two choices for us. He also defines womens increasing role in this:

1. YouTube - Ervin László - A New Love Declaration


This second video is a heart-warming story of how graphics designer Ronny Edry in Israel came up with an idea for peace that caught on rapidly. He wanted to show the Iranians that many Israelis care about their relations with them, in the hope that together they may be able to avert war. The Iranians responded in kind, and now the message has spread worldwide.

The internet is responsible in great measure for ordinary people getting together from communities all over the world in attempts such as this that show many are not swayed by propaganda. Western and Eastern governments are currently working hard to curtail these new-found freedoms, because knowing more truth about the world and its people makes us less malleable. Propaganda has been used since Roman times (and before) to create fear, and a sense of "otherness" towards other peoples, cultures and communities:

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3. YouTube - Love Documentary


4. YouTube - Love is. (A mini documentary)


5. YouTube - Buddha and Love - Lama Ole Nydahl


6. YouTube - The Psychology of Love



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