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Suffering and the human lot


This section is about suffering. In many aspects it is the opposite of happiness, so discussions around one frequently involve the other.



Suffering can take several forms. Suffering as in persecution, suffering as in mental anguish, suffering from lack of necessary resources and more.


"Necessity is the mother of invention". Sometimes it is necessary to suffer to make advances. Here is a research article that says just that. The article is a little long-winded, but it concludes that we absorb more cognitively if there is necessity - thus making the old saying true.


The Science of Happiness and Potential - Part 1. This part is repeated along with the other two parts in the Happiness section:

YouTube - Part 1: The Science of Happiness and Potential


This video represents a view by Carl Jung who offered the notion that the development of the individual starts with a crisis. Machiel Klerk gives a Jungian perspective of this crisis and the accompanying suffering:

3. YouTube - a Carl Jung perspective on suffering


An interesting talk about the role of priests, Buddhism etc. Dr. Robert Johnson contrasts the typical Western person with those of the East. In some aspects however, this is now a false division, because Western culture and attitudes are becoming all pervasive. However, the talk is good to remind us that there is something else that we seek that can alleviate suffering; though today access to this understanding can be found pretty much anywhere, if we but look hard enough:

YouTube - Visons of God and the Meaning of Suffering


If you have an article, video or image to contribute to this section, please get in contact. Remember, we are non-religious, nonpartisan and support no-one, except those who aim to bring truth to everyone, so we can't accept anything with a bias. Real life examples are most welcome.

We also we need information backed up by science. You don't have to do the science yourself, so long as what you say has links to research, or sites that contain the proof we need. Sometimes science cannot comment on, explain or quantify the topic you have information for. We need that type of article, video etc too.

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