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What We Learn



Nurturing our Humanity...


This section covers how many influences get inculcated into us by various means, and the results.



On this page you can find a range of related important topics that don't fit in the other sections under this heading. "What We Learn" is a blanket heading and includes what we purposely learn, and also what we unconsciously learn, or what we "pick up" as we go along.


During the 20th Century, human beings - more so in the West, increased their sense of self. To a great extent, this was a manufactured self, created by corporations and businesses who discovered how to manipulate the population for their own ends by manufacturing desires, then pandering to their created wants.

The Century Of The Self documentary from the BBC in four episodes is said by some to be the greatest documentary ever made. I highly recommend watching all four one hour episodes (not necessarily all at once!), if you want to learn in large measure how we have come to be in the situation we are now in during the first half of the 21st Century.

It is extremely well thought out, and explains much.



Part 1: Happiness Machines:

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Part 2: The Engineering of Consent:

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Part 3: There Is A Policeman Inside All Our Heads:

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Part 4: Eight People Sipping Wine In Kettering:

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